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Discover how professionals and business owners like you are using single family house investing to create high passive returns without the hassles of managing tenants and the time involved to find good deals.

  "Not only did they secure two great houses for me to buy but I receive a much higher yield than a CD brings.  I also get benefits of owning a rental property without dealing with tenants or worrying about vacancies or repairs and maintenance."   -Janet T.

In the next 3 to 5 years many investors will make a fortune buying and holding income producing rentals, but only a select few will do it without any work, hassles or stress.

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Free report reveals "How to Capture High Predictable Returns by Owning Bakersfield Single Family Houses"

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It's a fact that not only the prolonged recession but also the Fed's policy of low interest rates has majorly affected the life styles of boomers and seniors who rely on decent returns to fund their lifestyle.

Bakersfield business owner, real estate investor, and author Randy Grigg, has used his 36 years of experience to develop a proven system that can truly make owning a rental house turnkey... and passive.

This is an opportunity to participate in the most lucrative real estate opportunity that might ever be witnessed in Bakersfield, California!

 "My LLC and some partnerships I put together have bought over 20 houses since 2009 through their program.  There's not many investments today where you don't need to lift a finger or worry about the integrity of the people with whom you are doing business."   -Jim V.

These insider secrets will reveal:
  • Why the stock market is too volatile and unpredictable for the average passive investor... especially now.
  • How to profit from high fixed predictable monthly income as well as tax benefits and potential mammoth appreciation benefits without ever dealing with tenants, repair costs or the potentially devastating expenses of a vacant property.
  • How to position yourself to earn double digit returns without participating in a Ponzi scheme or doing anything illegal.
  • Why safety is so important today and why CD's, treasury bonds and money market accounts are hazardous to your financial health.
  • Why utilizing a rental management company will COST you a lot of money.
  • How to use self directed pension plans, profit sharing plans and IRA's to buy single family houses for your retirement nest egg.

This report is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hands of the right investors, but it's completely free right now.  Are you ready to take advantage of this valuable information?

 "My ROTH IRA purchased a single family house in 2010 that was triple net leased at a much higher return than any other conservative investments I could find.  I just wish I had more money to invest."   -Linda B.

Discover why Warren Buffet recommends single family houses as the best investment strategy today:

How could information like this change life for you and your family?

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Free report reveals "How to Capture High Predictable Returns by Owning Bakersfield Single Family Houses"

Instantly Downloadable PDF

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