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Need help with your probate situation?  We can assist you to speed up the process and get the heirs their inheritance quickly!  An executor or administrator must deal with many unexpected details.  It's a HUGE job... Let us help you move on with your life.  Mike Grigg, AARE has been a professional auctioneer with Accredited designation and a Realtor for over a decade and has designed a probate program utilizing both of his skills.

We offer four different options to suit the needs of each individual Estate...

1.  We can buy your real estate for all cash and close escrow in two weeks.

2.  We can list and sell your real estate at a reduced commission.

3.  We can utilize our time-tested competitive bidding method to sell your property quickly at the highest price possible.

4.  We can also sell the personal property with an Estate Auction.

The Probate Timeline

The time estimates will not apply in every situation -  since the probate process differs with every estate. The timeline can act as your reference tool for approximating your process.

Petition for Probate, prepared and filed                     1-2 months

Court Hearing on the Petition for Probate                 2-3 months

Issuance of Letters for Administration,

Orders for Probate, Duties & Liabilities                     2-4 months

        (Issue Bond-If ordered) and                             (if not contested)

        ***Letters Testimentary***

Notice of Creditors                                                       2-4 months

Notice to Department of Health Services                 4-8 months

Estate Inventory & Appraisal                                     4-8 months

Pay State & Federal Taxes (if necessary)                  6-12 months

Creditor Claims (Allow to Reject)                             6-12 months

Possible Preliminary Distributions                           6-12 months

Notice to Department of Health Services

(If deceased received medical)                                  6-12 months

Notice to Franchise Tax Board                                  6-12 months

Claim of Exemption

(If assets transfer to a minor)                                     6-15 months

Tax Clearance Letters                                                 6-18 months

File Petition for Final Distribution

& Accounting                                                              8-16 months

Hearing on Petition for Final Distribution

& Accounting                                                             8-16 months

Order Approving Final Distribution &

Accounting                                                                 8-16 months

Distribution of Assets to Heirs                                9-17 months

Final Discharge Order

(Indicates Close of Probate Case)                           9-18 months

Final Distribution of Estate Funds,

Probate Concluded                                                   9-24 months