"Your Home SOLD in 30 Days or We'll Make Your Mortgage Payment!"

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BENEFITS of our time-tested competitive bidding format for selling homes and other properties...


  • FAST - all properties can be sold in just 30 days
  • HIGHEST NET PRICE - competitive bidding using a live onsite auction in conjunction with our marketing program will usually bring the highest price
  • HIGH CARRYING COSTS ARE AVOIDED - this can positively affect the bottom line
  • AN URGENCY TO BUY IS CREATED - an auction can stop buyer interest and sales with listed properties in the same neighborhood and draw attention to the one being sold by auction
  • SELL WITH NO CONTINGENCIES - our homes are sold "as-is" with no loan, termite or inspection contingencies
  • NO UNSCHEDULED SHOWINGS - your home will only be shown at scheduled open houses... no casual observers to disturb your life at any hour and/or scope out your belongings
  • MORE PREDICTABLE CLOSINGS - due to a large non-refundable deposit and no contingencies very few escrows fall apart
  • NO BUYER'S CLOSING COSTS or COSTLY TITLE INSURANCE TO PAY - this increases your bottom line
  • NO COMMISSION TO PAY US - we get paid from the buyer
  • NO MARKETING COSTS - we pay for everything... many times we spend thousands of dollars to advertise the auction event
  • DOWNSIDE IS FULLY PROTECTED - if the reserve is not met your property doesn't have to be sold
  • NO UPSIDE PRICE LIMITATION - auction fever many times can produce prices over what a given property would be listed for
  • PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE - if we can't sell your property in 30 days at fair market price we'll make your mortgage payment (or if your home is mortgage-free we'll pay you $1,000)