"Your Home SOLD in 30 Days or We'll Make Your Mortgage Payment!"

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Home selling service offers "White Glove" treatment and documented results!

This might sound strange but...
95% of property sellers will likely elect not to use our accelerated home selling service... even though our process is fast, efficient and usually provides the highest net price to our clients.

Why don't more people use our service to sell their properties?  The biggest reason is the lack of understanding of the true costs it typically takes to sell a property using the extended listing method.  The second biggest reason is that most people feel comfortable following the pack... and due to the fact currently about 95% of property sellers use the listing method to sell their property, they think it must be the best way to sell.

What they don't realize however, is that only about half of these hopeful sellers get their property sold using this method.  Many potential sellers have unrealistic expectations as to the true value of their property but quite a few could have sold their homes in just one month if they opted to use our unique one-of-a-kind service.

You see... we can guarantee our home selling process will bring a qualified buyer in 30 days to you or we'll make your mortgage payment (if your property is mortgage-free... we'll pay you $1,000).

We also don't charge our clients a commission; instead we get paid from the buyer who purchases our client's property.  How many agents won't charge you a commission?

With all these advantages we offer, why will only about 5% of potential sellers use our service?  Even the National Association of Realtors predicts that over 30% of sellers will choose our method of selling their homes in the near future.  We touched on two of the reasons:
1.  Pack mentality
2.  Not understanding the true costs of selling through the traditional method
      a.  Commission
      b.  Unrealized return on equity and/or holding costs due to delayed or no sale
      c.  Price deterioration costs from a soft market (property values decrease)
      d.  Paying for buyer's closing costs and other buyer incentives
      e.  Lifting contingencies from termite and home inspection reports
       f.  Paying for expensive title insurance and a home warranty policy
*These costs can easily be 15-20% of the agreed upon gross purchase price

Another possible reason sellers won't use our proven method of selling homes is they are not aware that there is another proven way to sell property.

The wealthy have always sold their expensive artwork, classic automobiles and valuable estates by using auctions.  Why do you think they use auctions to sell their prized possessions?  Like the internet, auctions can be a more efficient way to do business.

Many potential sellers think auctions are for distressed sellers and for properties that need a lot of repairs and will bring a lower price than an extended listing agreement.  Because our results are tracked each time we sell a property, we know our average selling price is consistently above other comparable properties sold.
"If a sale is energetically promoted people pay fair market price on a given day at auction."  Wall Street Journal

"Both academic studies and our own experiences have shown that properties sell for higher prices at auction than they do in a negotiated transaction."  From Donald Trump's book The Best I Ever Received
Due to the fact we can sell all our properties in just one month with no contingencies, the ravages of holding costs, loss of financial return from unrealized equity and price deterioration that occurs in a slow market are negligible... and our clients never pay for the buyer's closing costs.  These factors allow our method to maximize the net equity our clients realize (amount of money they put in their pocket).
"Each month that a home goes unsold, carrying costs reduce potential return on investment by about 2%."  Consumer Report
Hopefully after reading this, you too will choose to be in the 5% of potential property sellers who truly understand our excellent way to sell property.

Are you ready to proactively sell your home in 30 days for the highest price the market will bear?  Call us today at 661-750-2790.

We look forward to assisting you.  We have over 30 years experience in the real estate business and have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.