"Your Home SOLD in 30 Days or We'll Make Your Mortgage Payment!"

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  About Us

The owners of the company have been in the real estate business for over 30 years.

After realizing first hand the numerous benefits of utilizing a live competitive bidding format to sell properties, the principals of the company began selling their own fixed up homes this way.  Once they became proficient at selling their homes using the auction method, they decided to offer their services to other property owners who also wanted to sell using competitive bidding.

When they started their buy and sell business, they would first try to sell the fixed up homes themselves (by owner).  If they couldn't get the job done within a month, they would turn over the selling responsibilities to a realtor.  Many times however, it took the realtor several months to find a suitable buyer and not only had the price been reduced several times but also many of the escrows fell out due to contingencies and the buyers getting cold feet.

When the sale was finally completed using the traditional listing method with a realtor, the selling expenses (commission, paying buyer's closing costs and title insurance along with the holding costs of a vacant property) ate up most or all the profit.
Their goal of using competitive bidding to sell property is to net their clients at least the same as what they would have received using the traditional listing method... but to sell every home is just 30 days.  In reality, however, this goal has been exceeded, as they have discovered many of their clients were actually putting more money in their pocket when the escrow closed.

Once their clients understand and agree to an estimate of selling and holding costs using the listing method, a reserve price is established and a sale date is set in 30 days (or whenever their client wants to sell their property).

Also all the marketing costs (usually $2,000-$3,000) are paid by us and a performance guarantee is provided that promises if the reserve is not reached their client's mortgage payment will be paid. 

We think this offers a great alternative for home sellers who value time (both the time value of money and the time and energy required if a property was under a long term listing agreement).

We are proud to be the preferred auction specialists for the Make-A-Wish Foundation events held in Bakersfield (pictured above).

The owners thank you for considering their competitive bidding format to sell your home or other property.